SignSpell at school


SignSpell encourages primary school children to enjoy reading and develop their key language and literacy skills through an introduction to BSL.

There are 12 adventure’s in total, each with a separate theme. Each theme is supported by lesson plans, books and flashcards to support the recognition, repetition and recall of signs. There are more signs and phrases to support learning progression available to view and learn online.

The wider benefits for children is strengthened communication skills and confidence, an appreciation of different cultures and additional ways for them to express emotions.  

How does SignSpell support learning?

All of the SignSpell resources encourage physical expression of words and reinforce learning through visual and kinaesthetic association – enhancing vocabulary and spelling.

SignSpell complements phonics by aiding memory and stimulating channels of communication that spoken language does not fulfil. Where phonics will help children to pronounce and read words, SignSpell will help them associate a word with a sign, movement and meaning.

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What’s included?

The full SignSpell Educational Resource Pack covers everything you need to deliver SignSpell lessons and projects to primary children of all ages and abilities:

  • 12 SignSpell storybooks
  • SignSpell flashcards featuring every sign from the storybooks to use in-class activities
  • 48 lesson plans with aims and learning outcomes
  • An additional introductory lesson to introduce children to BSL and deaf awareness
  • Online dictionary featuring videos of over 340 signs and phrases
  • Additional downloadable resources for use in the classroom

Case studies

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Wainfleet Magdalen School
Joseph Swan School
Lakes Primary School

White papers

Read our white papers to find out more about SignSpells inclusive approach to enhancing communication and attainment:

Inclusive approaches to maintaining breadth in Key stage 1 and 2
Kinaesthetic approach to increasing overall class performance in literacy

What others say

Teachers found SignSpell to be a fantastic way of inspiring their classes to think beyond standard phonics-based learning. Pupils had great fun learning sign language and interacting with each other in a new way which they continued into the playground.

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