SignSpell for free

As part of a funded project, we’re looking for 10 schools who want to teach SignSpell for the academic year 17/18 for FREE 


What is SignSpell?

With SignSpell, children learn new ways to use language, spell, and express themselves (tell me more about SignSpell)Teachers don’t need any sign language knowledge to use SignSpell. Grown-ups and children can read and learn BSL together! Alongside our stories, teachers can use our lesson plans, digital storybooks, activities and flashcards, all stored in our online learning hub.

If you’d like to try SignSpell, all we ask in return is that you provide us with honest feedback that we can apply to product development and marketing.

What’s included

In return for your support, we’ll provide you with everything you need to make SignSpell a success in your school:

• 8 sets of 12 SignSpell story books
• 12 digital versions of SignSpell story books to share with a class or read separately
• 48 storybook lesson plans that can be adapted to your class’ age and attainment
• 2 additional lesson plans to support an introduction to SignSpell and fingerspelling
• Online dictionary featuring videos of 340 signs and phrases
• Real-life signed videos of all signs from the storybooks for you to copy and learn from
• 8 packs of flashcards featuring every sign from the story books
• Downloadable and printable flashcards
• Colouring activities
• Downloadable and printable Number Chart and Spell with Zip (fingerspelling alphabet

This SignSpell Bumper Pack currently retails at £499.99. We’re giving you the opportunity to teach it for free.

Deadline for registration is Friday 7th July. Successful schools will be contacted by 14th July 2017.

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