Signspell in the Classroom

SignSpell is a cross curriculum teaching aid and educational resource for Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond. It encourages children from the first stages of learning to enjoy reading and develop their key language and literacy skills. It also builds confidence and communication ability.

Our unique resources encourage physical expression of words, helping reinforce learning through visual and kinetic association - enhancing vocabulary and retention of words and spelling.

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Inclusive SignSpell activities - Each of the 12 books which accompany the resources have specific themes, space school activities and lesson plans available.

SignSpell videos - Professional signers show how each sign should be done giving clear direction of the hand movements. There are over 300 supporting videos of words and phrases and a video dictionary.

Interactive learning games - A minimum of 4 interactive games for each book creates opportunities for children to be challenged and have fun at the same time.

eBooks - Use the digital books available as part of the extensive online resources to show and share stories with the whole class via a whiteboard, PC or tablet.

SignSpell cards - A series of games and activities have been created using flashcards to stimulate learning and aid memory. Flashcards act as a good point of reference too.