Signspell for home


Each SignSpell story enables families and children to share a learning experience. Children and their families can enjoy Zip’s adventures together, and even enhance what is learnt at school.

Each of the 12 story books is a new adventure, with 10 new signs to learn and six fun things to do – ideas for making the fun go further at the end of each adventure.

Buy the full pack of 12 adventures or build your own pack from the stories and themes below:

  • Zip and the Journey to Earth – greetings
  • Zip at the Theme Park – colours
  • Zip at the Supermarket – numbers
  • Zip at School – school
  • Zip and the Animal Adventure – animals
  • Zip at the Seaside – seaside
  • Zip and the Party – party
  • Zip and the Rainy Day – weather
  • Zip and the Outdoor Adventure – outdoor
  • Zip and the Big City Adventure – transport
  • Zip at the Sports Centre – sports
  • Zip and the Journey Home – emotions

To support learning we have created 120 SignSpell flashcards with all the signs featured in the SignSpell stories.

    • Each flashcard includes English word (written) and the matching sign
    • Number and colour coded to support use with individual stories
    • Plastic storage box for safe keeping.

What’s included?