SignSpell at home

Families can enjoy the aliens’ adventures together, and even enhance what is learnt at school.

Each of the 12 storybooks is a new adventure. Follow these top tips to get the most out of each adventure. 

  • Share the book together and enjoy the story
  • Learn 10 new signs
  • Use Zip’s alphabet to spell your own name
  • Visit Space School, enjoy the activities and have fun
  • Watch our for Goober….

The 12 adventures are:

  • Zip and the Journey to Earth – greetings
  • Zip at the Theme Park – colours
  • Zip at the Supermarket – numbers
  • Zip at School – school
  • Zip and the Animal Adventure – animals
  • Zip at the Seaside – seaside
  • Zip and the Party – party
  • Zip and the Rainy Day – weather
  • Zip and the Outdoor Adventure – outdoor
  • Zip and the Big City Adventure – transport
  • Zip at the Sports Centre – sports
  • Zip and the Journey Home – emotions

To support learning we have created 120 SignSpell flashcards with all the signs featured in the SignSpell stories.