About SignSpell

SignSpell is an inclusive approach to broadening children's communication, language and literacy.

Used by teachers and parents, this fun, effective approach uses aspects of British Sign Language to teach children new physical and practical ways to remember words and spelling. SignSpell introduces them to other ways of communicating and helping them to express themselves. 

Zip and friends

Meet Zip, Pella and Statz, friendly aliens who travel to Earth. Their vast adventures lead them in discovering all about planet Earth, encouraging a child's curiosity of the world around them.

SignSpell stories are not just to be enjoyed by children. Humans of all ages can immerse themselves in Zip's world and discover how to use their hands to talk in a fun new way. Through each of the stories, learn signs you can use every day; from meeting people to different ways to express emotions.  

A whole new world

Travel and explore with Zip and friends. The SignSpell series includes beautifully illustrated story books, interactive games and activities and a wealth of resources to support humans in school and at home.

Laugh and learn with Zip and friends.