Our approach to inclusive learning

Our approach is complimentary to phonics, and has been shown to really get the whole class engaged with emphasis on kinaesthetic learning  Often children will continue to learn fingerspelling and basic signing just for fun.  Through the stories and extensive online activities, children learn and develop their communication skills together.  

Katharine Whitehouse, Director, Rainton Education Ltd

'SignSpell complemented the teaching of phonics …It was excellent for inclusivity enabling pupils of all levels of ability to join in successfully.'

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SignSpell offers flexible, modular content designed for easy use with minimum preparation with activities ranging from 15-45 minutes.  The resources include beautifully illustrated story books, video media, interactive physical and online games, as well as broader inclusive learning activities. 

While each book in the series reflects on different aspects of key curriculum from understanding cultures, geography to science, Our focus is on improving learning outcomes in language, spelling and remembering words through different complementary and proven inclusive strategies.  From a literacy perspective, SignSpell is aimed at Early Years and Key Stage 1 students with some lower Key Stage 2 also benefiting.