We are Zip, Pella and Statz. We come from planet Zee. We set off in our spaceship to explore distant planets and came across planet Earth. Share our amazing adventures as we discover the world around us. 

Hi! I am Zip. I come from planet Zee. I am the captain of the spaceship. I can’t wait to teach the people of planet Earth all about sign language. 

Hello, I am Pella. Zip is my best friend. I am a little younger than Zip and Statz, but not afraid of anything! I am very brave. Out of the three of us, I am always the first to try new things. 

Hello, I am Statz. I am in charge of computers on the spaceship. I love gadgets. I am always using my Zablet to help us out of sticky situations. I am excited to learn about planet Earth and all the people who live here. 

Let us tell you about our unexpected guest, Goober. A greedy and naughty space stowaway, Goober can change colour and shape so is always jumping out and surprising us.